Do You Believe You Have a Story to Tell? Part One...

What did you think of when you read the title of this article…”Do You Believe You Have a Story to Tell?” Your thoughts could be a telling sign for what comes next. I know when I first explored that question, I did not think so. My life was not full of rocky roads, life-altering experiences or anything that I would consider monumental or worth telling.

What if I told you that there is someone out there that wants and needs to hear your story, what would you say to that? I did not believe that to be true either, until I had someone share how they came to discover their story, then shared it with me. I was then a believer, but it was not without obstacles.

As I speak with people on the topic of discovering and developing their story, I find that many of them are not “believers” in their story and their audience-in-wait. As a matter of fact, when I ask someone about their story, I typically receive some variation of the same general response.


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