The Importance of Growth

From the time we are born, our lives are filled with growth—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social. With each level of growth, we develop new skills, talents and giftings that will serve as building blocks for the future growth. There comes a time though when our efforts to grow have to be more deliberate and focused.

There are many postings, articles, journals, books, videos, etc., that focus on how to grow in any number of areas or specialties. Some might think that in order to grow, you have to spend a lot of money on a program, or pay someone to help you grow. The reality is that if a person does not have the right mindset for growth, then all the programs, coaches and money spent on each, are not going to do a bit of good. In order to grow, there needs to be a desire, openness and an intentional effort for it to have a chance of succeeding. Carol Dweck and others have covered in multiple forums the difference between a fixed and growth mindset, and the importance...

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