Momentum in Times of Crisis

business Jun 09, 2020

I was recently asked to provide my insight on the topic of businesses maintaining momentum during times of crisis, such as what we’ve experienced over the past several months. I want to share my response with you.


Everything that I have heard and read shows that during this crisis we are best served to think expansion not contraction. It seems that most people and businesses had to take a step back to assess the situation and develop a way forward. Those that took the step back, then made intentional strides forward have reported massive expansion and steady growth; however, those that were leveled by the crisis have had a harder time getting their legs back under them. I see that there is a difference in how various types of businesses have been able to weather the storm and get moving again. Some are slowly getting back after things, while there are some that have had to fold or put a halt to operations due to the crippling impact on their business. 

So, for those businesses that are still moving forward, even if slowly, that can, in many cases be considered a win…better than being forced to fold their hand. For those businesses that are moving forward with steady progress, they will likely see an even bigger reward for their efforts when things do get back to the new normal…whatever that will look like.

If there is a business that is still searching for their new foundation, I believe it really comes down to the ability to pivot (new buzz word these days) and make a firm change in how they handle daily activities and what they offer their customers. If you look at many of the fast food businesses, instead of closing their doors until the dust settled, which would’ve left them waiting a while, they took the necessary precautions, and just pivoted to delivery or takeout only. Many who would’ve never considered driving for GrubHub or UberEats, pivoted and took advantage of the opportunities that were before them. Many other examples of effective pivots are all around, and it will be those pivots that have made and will continue to make the difference in how they measure success at year’s end. 

Many changes will likely become part of the “new norm” for business portfolios across the world. Where some refused to take hold of the virtual stages and opportunities before them, there were many more who saw it as a no-brained to accept the challenge and make the change. Once the kinks were worked out, it became a daily norm that allowed business to continue…and even grow in many instances.

One example that comes to mind is GURU Fitness in Frankfort, KY, USA, where owner, Dale Robinson, was able to retain ALL of his clients and actually grow his community. As I interviewed him for a press release article, I asked him where did the growth come from? It was from businesses that either refused to or could not make the pivot in how they operated. He recorded two videos early each morning…one for body weight movements and one for weighted movements…and shared them with his clients. He even loaned out equipment to members of his community so they could exercise at home. That is a pivot that he can now offer as an evergreen program, which will be part of his new app that is launching this month.


So, the short answer to the question

1) Step back

2) Assess 

3) Look at the future 

4) Create a solid action plan/strategy to get there 

5) Need help with the action plan/strategy...find a coach or someone that is making a successful go at it

6) Follow your plan!


by Rich Parsons 

Chief Success Officer, Higher Calling Consulting, LLC


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