Is There a "Secret Sauce" for Leading During Turbulent Times

I was recently asked a question about leading in the workplace during turbulent times. The question was focused on the “secret” to keeping teams productive during periods of turbulence. If you’ve heard the excerpt from a conversation series with Wundamail Voices, you’ll know what the three things were that I spoke of. If not you did not hear it, or just want to get a deeper explanation, keep reading.

These have certainly been unprecedented times that neighborhoods, cities, states and countries around the world have had to navigate. In the midst of all the COVID-19 pandemic response measures, there has been economic uncertainty, employment nightmares, a strong outcry for justice and so much more. So, for those that are still working, albeit under a new set of rules, there was obviously a change in operating procedures that took place. 

Many businesses were able to pivot (#mostusedword) during this period and have done fairly well, while others did not...

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Momentum in Times of Crisis

business Jun 09, 2020

I was recently asked to provide my insight on the topic of businesses maintaining momentum during times of crisis, such as what we’ve experienced over the past several months. I want to share my response with you.


Everything that I have heard and read shows that during this crisis we are best served to think expansion not contraction. It seems that most people and businesses had to take a step back to assess the situation and develop a way forward. Those that took the step back, then made intentional strides forward have reported massive expansion and steady growth; however, those that were leveled by the crisis have had a harder time getting their legs back under them. I see that there is a difference in how various types of businesses have been able to weather the storm and get moving again. Some are slowly getting back after things, while there are some that have had to fold or put a halt to operations due to the crippling impact on their business. 

So, for...

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