Do You Believe You Have a Story to Tell? Part Two...

In Part Two of this two-part article, I will share a valuable tool that anyone can use to initiate the discovery and development process to bring their story to life. 

However, if you missed part one of the two-part article, you will want to go back and read it so you do not miss out on a valuable exercise to help you prepare for the battle within the mind.

To give a short recap of Part One of this article, I shared with you how each and everyone of us can take steps to create a proper mindset that will allow us to operate more effectively in basically any situation we face. A comment I frequently make when sharing about the mindset is, “No matter where you go, your mind is always there.” If we don’t prepare for the battle that is waged in our mind, the likelihood of difficulty and/or defeat are pretty high. When we get the mind right, everything else can start to fall into place. It takes intentional actions though. It doesn’t come easy.

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