Is There a "Secret Sauce" for Leading During Turbulent Times

I was recently asked a question about leading in the workplace during turbulent times. The question was focused on the “secret” to keeping teams productive during periods of turbulence. If you’ve heard the excerpt from a conversation series with Wundamail Voices, you’ll know what the three things were that I spoke of. If not you did not hear it, or just want to get a deeper explanation, keep reading.

These have certainly been unprecedented times that neighborhoods, cities, states and countries around the world have had to navigate. In the midst of all the COVID-19 pandemic response measures, there has been economic uncertainty, employment nightmares, a strong outcry for justice and so much more. So, for those that are still working, albeit under a new set of rules, there was obviously a change in operating procedures that took place. 

Many businesses were able to pivot (#mostusedword) during this period and have done fairly well, while others did not...

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